Megan Fox Has Undergone Plastic Surgery

Many people are speculating as to how much celebrity cosmetic surgery actress Megan Fox has had. While it appears, judging from photos of Megan Fox before and after, that the actress had a nose job to remove a bump on the bridge of her nose and also refine the nose tip, there are also rumors that Megan Fox has had other plastic surgery, namely breast implants. Some who watch celebrity cosmetic surgery have no doubt that Megan Fox has had a nose job. It is apparent from photographs that she had her nose straightened out and the result is a natural looking nose job. Many celebrities have plastic surgery in this area and Megan Fox is hardly unique in getting rid of the bump on her nose.

It is also apparent from photographs that Megan Fox has had lip augmentation, although this is not considered to be plastic surgery. Her lips appear plumper in photographs and are most likely the result of lip injections. This is another popular celebrity cosmetic surgery option for many female celebrities. This is a procedure that women all over the country are also using to give them fuller lips. Whether or not Megan Fox has had plastic surgery on her breasts is a matter of speculation. To some, the 22 year old actress appears to have breasts that are too firm and too far apart to appear natural.

Others doubt that Megan Fox underwent this type of celebrity cosmetic surgery as her breasts appear too small for this type of procedure. Most women who get this form of plastic surgery get their breast size enhanced. At 22 years old, it is quite possible that Megan Fox has naturally perky breasts, as is the case with most 22 year old women. Celebrities such as Megan Fox are under scrutiny for receiving celebrity cosmetic surgery all of the time. Many celebrities feel the pressure to have plastic surgery to enhance their appearance and insure their careers. Because they work in the public eye and their chance to work depends upon their appearance, it is not usual for celebrities, even as young as Megan Fox, to get celebrity cosmetic surgery.

Megan Fox Has Undergone Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox Has Undergone Plastic Surgery


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