Megan Fox is Hotter in Transformer 2

Megan Fox Tattoos – What Do They Say
After long waited for The Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen has come. It was nice to be first one to see it in the theater. If anyone has seen the first Transformer movie with Megan Fox in it – they HAVE to see the second one. The second Transformer is more actions – Megan Fox gets sexier. Special effects are on the point. Eventhough, I already know that these vehicles will turn into giantic robots but still – a lot of unexpected actions.

As Sam (Shia LaBeouf) recovered from the first Transformer movie. He’s leaving his hot girl friend Mikaela (Megan Fox) and heading to college. All drama from a mom when their child seems growth up and heading out ended with their house got half destroyed by tiny Decepticon robots when Sam accidently discovered his left over cube. Megan Fox in Transformer 2

Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen has taken Megan Fox to the next top hottest actress in hollywood. The picture of her bends over the bike was irresistable for any guy watching this movie. Megan Fox’s lip gloss makes her even sexier when she flirts with her boyfriend (Sam).

Mikaela (Megan Fox) drove his bike to Sam’s house after the incident. Both of them were hesitate to day the “L” word. Megan Fox strips down from her leather gear into her white dress; holding flowers and waited for same to say the “L” word. Sam refused and told her “I adore you”. They were to have webcam date when Sam moved in his college dorm.

Megan Fox worn her pink tanktop and tight pants throughout the movie to show her perfect figure and assets. Megan Fox flirts and teases a lot during this Transformer movie.


Megan Fox is Hotter in Transformer 2

Megan Fox is Hotter in Transformer 2

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