How to Dress Like Megan Fox

Megan Fox wardrobe style has definitely evolved. She is a sex symbol and has been nominated the sexiest woman in the world by FHM and She started young as a model and has evolved as an ultimate diva.

Megan Fox dresses differently depending on the occasion. She is a rocker-chic by day and a glamorous fashionista by night. Her day outfits range from sexy skinny jeans, legging and fitted washed out t-shirts. Megan Fox was seen once wearing her step-son’s t-shirt. She is very edgy yet simple during the day. Her hair is always loose and flowy; her make-up is simple; Megan was rarely seen wearing make-up during the day because she has the skin for it. She also loves to wear 80’s style glasses and fun fedoras. Megan Fox never over-wears accessories and jewelry. Her best accessory is the designer bag that she was seen wearing shopping around town or going for a stroll with her boy friend Brian Austin Green.
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For a red carpet event, Megan Fox always looks glamorous and sultry with her glossy dark hair and her luscious lips. Megan dresses up with a hint of classic 50’s vintage especially the hair and make-up. She prefers dark smoky eye make-up that makes her blue eyes pop. When it comes to dresses, Megan knows that she has a toned body for fitted dresses. She is seen wearing short above the knee dresses, sculptured dresses, lace and see-through fabric. Her dresses are often strapless or sleeveless showing her tones arms and sexy shoulders. Megan Fox usually leans toward dark neutral colors but she was seen experimenting with color blocks and even sometimes flashy colors. When it comes to shoes and heels, her red carpet must are the high heels ranging from peep-toes, pumps to old-fashioned vintage high-heels. For premieres, her hair could be wavy and glossy, in a bun or tied up neatly in a pony tail.

Megan Fox is a sexy siren with her half smile, bright blue eyes and dark contrasting eye make-up. Although she has been always an attractive young woman, she has definitely spent time, money and maybe a little nip-tuck to make her even hotter than ever!

Never mistake Megan Fox’s day to day style for lack of style. She is the epidemy of style and she is here to stay for years and years to come.


How to Dress Like Megan Fox

How to Dress Like Megan Fox