Megan Fox Removing Two More Tattoos

This is why you don’t impulsively get tattoos as a teenager, people!

Believe it or not, you’re still growing, learning, and CHANGING!

Example A:
Megan Fox, who has been slowly having her Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed, is also apparently attempting to get rid of two of the other ones she had inked as a youth!

A source close to the actress explains:
“Megan is making some big decisions. Marilyn is almost gone and she has identified two other tattoos to go. She doesn’t regret having her tattoos but having grown up a lot in the last few months, she no longer identifies with certain things that inspired her when she was a teenager.”

There you go!
Not that there’s anything wrong with tattoos, but we’re glad that she’s finding herself and taking steps to be the person that she wants to be!

And if that means removing some ink that no longer has any significance to her, then good for her!

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Transformers Dark of the Moon

PROVING that humans really are the most expendable aspect of this franchise, Megan Fox’s character from the first two movies is barely referenced in the third movie. A robot obliquely refers to her absence as having to do with her being “mean.” Lo and behold, the film’s human hero Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf) has taken up with a new girlfriend Carly (Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

Don’t think too hard about it. Console yourself that there’s a pretty girl amid the mayhem. The movie is all about the robots and the destruction they wreak.

That said, Transformers: Dark of the Moon represents a vast improvement in the series, especially compared to the execrable second part Revenge of the Fallen. As much as director Michael Bay professes to ignore critics, he seems to have paid attention to them and is now is less inclined to baffle our senses with the quick-cut spectacle of clashing metal robots intercut with sweaty, anxious human faces for two hours.

At the very least, Bay now employs slow motion and a more thoughtful approach to editing so that it is possible to distinguish good robots from bad robots… before they bash each other into so much junkyard debris.

Young Witwicky, fresh from college and bearing the (secret) thanks of the U.S. government, gets a job in a mailroom where he uncovers a conspiracy that has something to do with the 1969 moon landing. Back in the day, American astronauts first uncovered evidence of an alien Cybertronian spacecraft, an escapee from the ancient war between noble autobots and the power-hungry Decepticons. It appears a number of humans have aided and abetted a decades-long conspiracy.

The autobot leader/semi-trailer Optimus Prime (voiced by the sonorous Peter Cullen) suggests it is time for autobots to fly to the moon and retrieve the long-lost autobot leader Sentinel Prime (voiced by Leonard Nimoy) to prevent the evil Decepticons from regaining a foothold in their plan to take over the world and enslave humanity.

That doesn’t work out so well. Before long, Chicago is the apocalyptic stage for a devastating battle wherein Sam and sundry military characters (Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson return) make a desperate bid to prevent the end of the world.

The script by Ehren Kruger is only slightly less stupid than the last film. Bay still offends in the way he twangs at patriotic heartstrings (cue the shot of the shredded but still proudly waving American flag) and the way he hires terrific actors with the intent of demeaning them with roles beneath their talents. (Frances McDormand comes out almost unscathed as a gruff intelligence honcho, which is more than you can say for John Malkovich as a goofy corporate guru.)

But you have to give credit to Bay for delivering the spectacle, especially in that battle-of-Chicago sequence, which, to give it its due, pushes visual effects to Avatar-like standards.

It’s a pity it’s all in service of a line of Hasbro toys.

I’m not sure which is more upsetting about the battle sequence: Witnessing the devastation of a great American city, or the realization that the movie steadfastly denies us any emotional connection to the horror of it all.

The Blu-ray has no significant extras in anticipation of a more deluxe Blu-ray edition to be released later, probably in mid-2012. Two and a half stars out of five. Tags: read more

Megan Fox Is Losing The Tattoos

SHE’S been married for more than a year but only now is Megan Fox transforming hersef into the kind of girl a chap could take home to meet mother.

The actress is already having the Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her arm removed, citing “negative energy” as the reason.

And we hear that 25-year-old Megan, married to Desperate Housewives actor Brian Austin Green, 38, is to expunge further tattoos from the original collection of eight.

“Marilyn is almost gone and she has identified two more to lose,” a chum informs us.

“She doesn’t regret having them but she no longer identifies with certain things that inspired her as a teenager.” Tags

Megan Fox Is Losing The Tattoos

Megan Fox’s Top 10 Craziest Quotes

Megan Fox may not be one of the greatest actresses of our generation (come on, don’t try to argue with that one), but she definitely says some of the most bizarre things. Like, I don’t know whether to laugh it off as insanity or be sad about because she’s probably insane. Hey, I didn’t make that up. She said it herself…Tags

Megan Fox’s Top 10 Craziest Quotes

Check Out Megan Fox In The Ad For The Giorgio Armani Beauty 2011 Christmas Collection!

Megan Fox poses for the Giorgio Armani Beauty 2011 Christimas Collection, Armani Madre Perla, which seems to contain lots of golds and silvers for the eyes and face and dark lip colors. Are you excited to try out the products?

Armani cosmetics are pricey, but often worth the splurge! In the ad, Megan is wearing makeup by the Madre Perla Palette, Gloss d’Armani Rouge on her lips and Eyes To Kill Eye Shadows which is available in Gold, Silver and a blend of the two metals.

Check Out Megan Fox In The Ad For The Giorgio Armani Beauty 2011 Christmas Collection!

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Megan Fox is having the time of her life in new comedies ‘Friends with Kids’ and ‘This is Forty’

TORONTO – The first thing Megan Fox asks me before we begin our interview is, “How are you? How is your kitty?”

That might have made me an unbiased Fox fan for life.  It was an earlier conversation with her publicist that let Fox know about my four-month old rascal (Phoenix for those keeping track at home) who I’d be seeing in three days after deciding to depart the 2011 Toronto Film Festival a day early.  Fox wasn’t trying to win points with a member or the press, however, she’s a huge animal lover. Currently, she has three dogs, a cat and two birds that she’s caring for.  But, her current housing arrangement is a far cry from her previous home.

“At one point when we lived in a different house, it was set up differently,” Fox recalls. “We had seven dogs at one point, three cats.  We’ve always had two birds.  I had a pig at one point.  Piggy Smalls.”

How did the “Transformers” star find herself with so many creatures under her care?  Like many, the admitted “sucker for animals” just can’t see a cute dog or cat that’s homeless.

“I can’t drive by an animal adoption and not stop and take someone home with me, something home with me,” Fox says.  “So, I adopt them like crazy.  Brian [Austin Green] won’t let me stop anymore at shelters or at adoptions because I always leave with at least one animal because I feel like I can find them parents [or] homes and at least I feel like I know that they’re safe.  I have to be careful with that.  I could be one of those people on ‘Animal Hoarders’ if I’m not careful.”

While some animal adoptive groups should no doubt be calling Fox up to sign her up as a national spokeswoman the real point of our conversation this day was to discuss her role in the new comedy “Friends with Kids” which debuted at this year’s festival.  The Jennifer Westfeldt comedy is a romantic comedy (in the best sense) about two Manhattan friends (Westfeldt and Adam Scott) who aren’t adjusting well to how their best friends have changed after having kids.  The two decide that the best way to go about it is not to be married when you have one and then take their own advice.  Fox plays a Broadway dancer who ends up dating Scott’s character after he’s become a single dad.  The comedy, which was just picked up by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions for a 2012 release, also stars Jon Hamm (Westfeldt’s significant other), Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Chris O’Dowd and Ed Burns.

In an earlier interview, Hamm volunteered that one of the reasons he and Westfeldt approached Fox wasn’t just because she fit the part, but because she was actually one of their neighbors. And while that was convenient, Fox, like most actors, responded to the material.

“You read a lot of scripts in this industry and most of them are sort of terrible,” Fox admits. “And [Westfeldt] is a really great smart writer and I loved the script.  I met with Jen and we talked for a few hours and I liked her and she liked me.  We just sort of moved forward from there.”

Shooting an indie in 22 days isn’t easy for anyone and Fox recognized how much Westfeldt had on her plate as a director, producer and one of the film’s main stars.

“I think she did a tremendous job with the responsibility that she had and the weight that was on her shoulders to sort of pull this off because it’s extremely difficult to be an actress, first of all, because there’s so much more pressure on women just because of how you need to look and this, that, and the other thing,” Fox says.  “And also to be producing, directing, and have written the script and want to make sure that what she wrote comes to life on film.  I mean, I don’t know how she did it, but she did and she pulled it off really well.  I admire her for that because I get overwhelmed just going to work as a supporting character [and] acting.”

Fox has been quite funny when given the opportunity (“Jennifer’s Body,” “Saturday Night Live”), but “Friends” is the beginning of what has turned into a year of shooting comedies for the 25-year-old. She appears in the Sacha Baron Cohen flick “The Dictator” and just finished production on Judd Apatow’s “This is Forty.”  When asked if it was specifically hard to sit through some of the funny roundtable scenes in “Friends” with improv masters such as Wiig, Scott and Rudolph, she admitted she had a “hard time getting through” sometimes.

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“Like anything that Chris O’Dowd was in I really had a hard time not laughing because he makes me cry he’s so funny,” Fox says. “I worked with him on Judd’s movie also and he’s so hysterical. And I don’t think Adam would consider himself a comedian, but he’s very funny and very witty and very dry. I had fun playing off of actors like Adam.  We went off book a lot and, of course, that didn’t end up in the movie because that wasn’t part of the script and her script is brilliant. But I love working with people who are like that, who are good with sort of improving and ad-libbing stuff.”

In a rare move for an Apatow film, “This is Forty” isn’t slated to hit theaters till Christmas 2012.  The director has tried to keep as much of it a secret, but the fact it features the return of Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) from “Knocked Up” has had movie fans buzzing.

“I don’t know that I’m able to really tell you anything,” Fox admits. “I mean, I’m on lockdown with the information.  But I do have — the cast of this movie is outrageous, the people that Judd has in the movie.  It’s mind-blowing.  He has Albert Brooks and he has Jason Segal and Chris O’Dowd and he has these just comedic geniuses in his movie.  And my favorite seen actually is one that I did with Chris and Jason.  I mean, I haven’t seen it, but just making it was the most fun I’ve had at work in a long time.”

“This is 40” involved an in-depth rehearsal process that Fox also became a big fan of.

“[Judd] sets up the camera, then the cast sort of gets together and he’ll say, ‘Alright, but at one point we kind of want you guys to be in a scene in this sort of place and this is the idea of what we want to happen.  O.K., go.’  And then we will start talking and we’ll make a scene out of it.  He picks what he likes and what he doesn’t like and then they expand on the things that they do like and sort of make scenes that way,” Fox explains. “By the time we came to shooting I was more accustomed to his process, but I love it.  I think it’s fun. It just feels very alive. It never gets stale because it’s constantly changing, growing and morphing.  You never know what he’s going to yell out at you.  I loved it.”

The question for someone looking at Fox’s career has to be, “Where will she land?”  A serious dramatic role didn’t work with last year’s festival entry “Passion Play” and jumping onto “Jonah Hex” and “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People” were calculated risks that went very wrong.  And yet, Fox is one of the most recognizable women in the world, but seemingly now shut out of major studio action films after Michael Bay somehow convinced the press that it was his choice she didn’t return for the third “Transformers” (it was hers).  For Fox, it’s just a bump in the road. She’s just gonna keep on taking the interesting projects that come her way.

“I don’t think I ever pondered like whether I would keep going or not,” Fox says of her acting career.  I’ve been making one or two movies a year every year since I was 19.  And the ones that hit big, hit big and the ones that don’t, don’t.  And I’m already onto the next.” Tags

Megan Fox Wont Tone Down The Sexy

Megan Fox is not including her sex symbol status in the reinvention of her image.

The actress as put on weight, taken on more diverse roles and is having tattoos removed in order to boost her career but she insists she still happy to use sex to sell herself on screen.

“I don’t really feel strongly about it one way or the other,” says Megan, 25, on her popularity among male audiences.

“In reality, there are a lot of guys whose initial attraction to a girl is mostly sexual so I don’t feel that’s an outrageous thing to portray in a movie.”

Fox recently revealed how she is a massive gamer and likes nothing better than to blow away her fellow cyber warriors whenever she gets the chance.

“I have Halo: Reach. I have a complete addiction to that game. It is sick,” she said.

“I play online mostly and (other gamers) have no idea. They make fun of my gamer tag too because it is funny. They are all a bunch of guys and it is clear that I am a girl so they make fun of my name, and they have no idea they are making fun of me.”