SEXY Big Brother pin-up Louise Cliffe has been lying about her plans to bed hunks in the house

The stunning Megan Fox lookalike has been teasing viewers by promising to turn the show into a red-hot sex fest.

And the former Miss Manchester has been viciously flirting and showing off her amazing body to stir the guys up in the spy show.

But she has been exposed as a love cheat after saying that she is single.

Because sex-obsessed Louise really has a secret boyfriend waiting for her on the outside. And she is not the only housemate concealing a partner.

Louise has been going out with nightclub boss Matt Peacock, 28. He once dated glamour girl Kate Price, 33, and has even been married to Jodie Marsh, 32.

And now he and Louise are so loved up that her promises to “meet someone in the house” are completely untrue.

Louise, 25, met hunky Matt at one of his Geek party nights in Manchester last year.

And the babe even took his clothes into the house to remind her of his smell.

A source said: “She said she’d spice up the house. But she has Matt on the outside. It’s not going to happen with anyone in there.”

Louise said on the programme: “I’d love to meet someone in the house.”

She has caught the eye of several housemates, especially hunky dad-of-one Aaron Aallard, 30, and joker Mark Henderson, 28. But her teasing is all for the cameras.

Besotted Matt has been glued to Channel 5 watching her.

After she went into the house, he Tweeted: “Lovely little letter left for me from @Cliffe1 you’re gonna do mint babe.. everyone’s backing you!”

Matt even let slip that she is wearing some of his clothes, writing: “Oi! That’s my bloody hoody. U little thief. Ha ha. x.”

A pal said: “Matt is a bit miffed that she has told the housemates she is single. The pair have been seeing each other for months.

“He’d be gutted if she went off with one of the housemates.”

And Louise is not the only one fibbing. Anton Murphy told BB bosses he is single and looking for some sex action on the show too.

Smooth talker Anton, 23, from Peckham, south London, even tried it on with Baywatch star and house guest Pamela Anderson, 44.

But his antics have upset Jeana Brock. She said the pair have been dating for three months and she has texts from the lad sent in August just before he went on Big Brother.

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SEXY Big Brother pin-up Louise Cliffe has been lying about her plans to bed hunks in the house

SEXY Big Brother pin-up Louise Cliffe has been lying about her plans to bed hunks in the house

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