Megan Fox Can’t Stop Talking about Her Breasts

egan Fox just can’t seem to stop talking about her breasts—even as she complains about how her films have made her fabled mammaries “a point of discussion” for the media and the public at large. The current case in point is her new film, Friends with Kids.

Perhaps someone should explain to Megan Fox the meanings of the terms “vicious cycle” and/or “self-perpetuating pro” The beauteous brunette actress who bounced—er—shot to fame in the Transformers films, opposite the over-rated and ever obnoxious Shia LaBeouf, recently discussed her chest’s overly inflated importance in Friends with Kids.

“Though my boobs are a point of discussion in the film, the wardrobe was restrained,” the actress opined. “That was a departure as I usually have an outrageous wardrobe.”

Right. Poor Megan Fox. But wait, could it be that perhaps… that just maybe her breasts might cease to be such a hot topic of universal attention if she took the initiative and started a new trend by shutting up about them? It’s worth a try. And even if it doesn’t work, she won’t be any worse off than she was before. Besides, it’s not as if people don’t take her seriously as an actress. Seriously, who would even entertain such a ridiculous idea?


Fox, who was bounced—er—catapulted from the Transformers franchise after an altercation with director Michael Bay, claims she now intends to pursue roles in film projects where she’ll have only “happy experiences.”

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