Chris O’Dowd’s pool frolics with Megan Fox

So there will be a lot of jealous speccy blokes pounding their keyboards even harder today after hearing that IT Crowd actor Chris O’Dowd is living their dream.

The Irish fella has unexpectedly become one of Hollywood’s leading men after a decent turn in comedy Bridesmaids earlier this year.

And he’s got lucky for his next role by getting to film scenes in a swimming pool with Megan.

Chris tries to woo the actress’s character in new flick This Is Forty and ends up fighting with a rival while in the water. Unsurprisingly, Chris thoroughly enjoyed going to work.

He said: “Fighting over Megan Fox in a pool was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.

We just improvised for maybe six or seven hours.”

There’s a lot of men who would like to try out their improvisation skills on Megan.

Chris added: “Megan’s character is into sextrology, which is how your star sign affects your performance in bed. I kind of call her on that until Jason Segel’s character swoons in and takes her out of my grubby little paws. It’s a funny scene.”

And although a huge Hollywood career beckons, Chris won’t be dropping his brogue for future roles.

He said: “I’m going to keep my accent in any movie I make because chicks dig it – and that’s all I care about now.”


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