Megan Fox Wont Tone Down The Sexy

Megan Fox is not including her sex symbol status in the reinvention of her image.

The actress as put on weight, taken on more diverse roles and is having tattoos removed in order to boost her career but she insists she still happy to use sex to sell herself on screen.

“I don’t really feel strongly about it one way or the other,” says Megan, 25, on her popularity among male audiences.

“In reality, there are a lot of guys whose initial attraction to a girl is mostly sexual so I don’t feel that’s an outrageous thing to portray in a movie.”

Fox recently revealed how she is a massive gamer and likes nothing better than to blow away her fellow cyber warriors whenever she gets the chance.

“I have Halo: Reach. I have a complete addiction to that game. It is sick,” she said.

“I play online mostly and (other gamers) have no idea. They make fun of my gamer tag too because it is funny. They are all a bunch of guys and it is clear that I am a girl so they make fun of my name, and they have no idea they are making fun of me.”


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