Megan Fox Removing Two More Tattoos

This is why you don’t impulsively get tattoos as a teenager, people!

Believe it or not, you’re still growing, learning, and CHANGING!

Example A:
Megan Fox, who has been slowly having her Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed, is also apparently attempting to get rid of two of the other ones she had inked as a youth!

A source close to the actress explains:
“Megan is making some big decisions. Marilyn is almost gone and she has identified two other tattoos to go. She doesn’t regret having her tattoos but having grown up a lot in the last few months, she no longer identifies with certain things that inspired her when she was a teenager.”

There you go!
Not that there’s anything wrong with tattoos, but we’re glad that she’s finding herself and taking steps to be the person that she wants to be!

And if that means removing some ink that no longer has any significance to her, then good for her!

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