Megan Fox News: Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Surgery

In a bid to avoid attracting all the negative energy from her life, actresses Megan Fox has been undergoing laser treatments for the last few months to get the Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed from her body. The former Transformers star believes that Marilyn was a negative character and suffered from multiple personality disorders and was bipolar.

Now wanting to get rid of all the cynical energy from her life and enthrall all the positive vibes within her, she underwent a series of surgical laser treatments since the start of this year. Megan has been quite successful in getting rid of the major bright part of it, as seen in the featured photo which was clicked in California when Megan was going for a breakfast with hubby Brian Austin Green at a local Italian eatery.

The 25 year old star has got as many as nine tattoos inked on different parts of her body along with this sketch of Monroe’s face and the signature coif. Megan had sketched this signature coif as a reminder for herself so that film industry does not treat her badly that it doesn’t ultimately breaks her off.

This is surely not the first time when Megan Fox got rid of something from her body. The first thing was the navel piercing that happened at the age of 16,, Motivated by the singing sensation Britney Spears, Megan decided to replicate Britney’s effort. However, just after 4 years, Megan got rid of the piercing feeling it to be a bit too tacky! TAGS

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