Megan Fox: Why I Don’t Tweet

Taking care of a publicity appearance, Megan Fox was spotted at the Young Hollywood Studio in Los Angeles yesterday (October 11).

The “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” hottie met with rapper Pitbull and Make-A-Wish Foundation rep Wilfredo Paredes while shutterbugs snapped up pictures.

In a recent interview, Megan explained her aversion to social media and why she’s elected not to have a Twitter account.

“I feel like it has a purpose because there are fans around the world that want to have some sort of interaction with you. But I feel like it is important to still keep some space and some distance. I honestly don’t think that I am cool enough or important enough that anyone would care about what I am doing at all hours of the day, like, ‘I just had a latte from Starbucks and now I am going to Barneys. Love me some shoes!’ Who cares?”

Megan Fox Why I Don't Tweet

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