Megan Fox Goes Under the Knife to Enhance Her Features?

There have been a lot of speculations that beautiful “Transformer” actress Megan Fox had plastic surgery done to enhance some of her facial features.

Megan Fox’s new look in the Hollywood premiere of “Puss in Boots” last Sunday showed a great difference from her look in the previous months and stirred the public to speculate that she had some surgery done.

According to some surgeons in interviews, the new photos of the actress show that there are some alterations done on her face. Her cheeks appear plumped that may be due to some injections done to her. Other surgeons thought that she had some fat transfer or dermal fillers.

This is not the first time that the actress has been prodded for undergoing surgery. Earlier this year, Megan posted four pictures on her Facebook page showing a range of facial expressions from being surprised to frown to put a rest to the rampant rumors that she had Botox.

A surgeon came to the rescue of the actress and said that the facial transformations of Megan Fox may yield from non-surgical enhancements. Dr. Chiu of Beverly Hills in an interview with Fox News said that it seems Megan Fox added volume on her face. But when you look at her body, there is also fullness in her body that appears that she simply gained some weight.

Yes, it seems that Megan Fox is just gaining some weight. There are some people that gain weight on the face first.

Last month, the actress boasted that she is getting more curves after giving up her sugar-free, coffee-free, bread-free vegan diet, which she thought made her “lose too much weight.”

The actress or her representatives did not give out any comment.

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