Megan Fox Struts It To Broadway, Wears Sex Shoes Running Errands

Perhaps Megan Fox was trying to divert attention away from her face. The actress was photographed by paparazzi wearing a turtleneck, jeggings, and bright red stiletto high heels.

Too bad the Megan didn’t try to pull this outfit off in London, as British tabloids would have had a field day with it. Megan Fox was reportedly out and about running errands in Hollywood.

Instead of ripping into the 25-year-old actress for buying into what might be the ugliest current fashion trend (jeggings—part jeans, part leggings), the focus was on her bright-red, patent leather Louboutin heels.

Megan, who is scheduled to be a part of the upcoming 24 Hour Plays on Broadway, must had some level of clear thinking when she pulled this outfit together. The focus was clearly on the red shoes, which are clearly as far away from her face as possible.

Imagine all the constant attention her face has got in the ongoing argument about whether Megan Fox uses Botox injections or not. No one bothered to notice if her face looked thin or puffed, all anyone can think of are those smokin’ red high heels… and the unfortunate jeggings.


Megan Fox in Jeggings and Stripper Heels

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