Megan Fox in Great White Way for Charity

Megan Fox knows how to let her mouth get her into trouble. She knows how to wear a corset, if her Jonah Hex exploits are any indicator. She even knows how to make an old fella look loveable, as apparent in Passion Play. I’m winking at you, Mr. Mickey Rourke. But does she know how to sing and dance? Find out what the actress is about to do for the sake of charity.

Megan Fox is all set to make her Broadway debut. The show is called the Great White Way. That’s a nickname for Broadway itself, don’t you know! We caught the usual headline over at CNN.

So, what has the show got to do with charity? Well, the 25-year-old actress has joined the 24 Hour Plays project. It’s a yearly event held to raise moola for the Urban Arts Partnership, a group that ensures arts education is available in public schools. That’s an important cause. Just imagine if you had never taken a theater, music, or art class. The 24 Hour Plays project, this year, will support 24 actors, 6 writers, 6 directors, 2 musician types, along with a snazzy production team. Together they will put on 6 shows.

Megan Fox’s show is coming next month to Broadway and get this, she’ll only have one day to rehearse! That’s worth some donations to charity and that’s where the 24 Hours in 24 Hour Plays comes to play. Good for you, Ms. Fox!



Megan Fox in Great White Way for Charity

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