Megan Fox’s Tattoo Torture

Megan Fox has “outgrown” her tattoo.

The 25-year-old actress had a tattoo of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe inked onto her right arm when she was a teenager. Nearly a decade later, Megan is finding the action regrettable.

She simply is no longer impressed by the artwork.

“I’m just over it,” Megan told People magazine after her performance in Montblanc’s 24-Hour Plays in New York City this week.

“You outgrow things that you love when you were a child. I got it when I was 18 and now I’m 25 and it just doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Removing the tattoo is an arduous process for the star. Megan will undergo numerous treatments to lift the ink from her skin.

“[The removal process] is a hundred times worse than the tattoo itself,” she revealed. “I’ve only done one [session] so I probably have three or four left.”

Megan has other tattoos on her body which she will keep intact, including a Shakespearean reference on her shoulder and her husband Brian Austin Green’s name in calligraphy on her hip.

The actress believes that getting Marilyn Monroe off of her body will be extremely successful.

“I think it will come off completely because I have the right skin type to remove ink. The more fair skinned you are the easier it is to remove dark ink, and I’m as fair as it gets.”

Megan’s upcoming film Friends With Kids is slated for release in April 2012.

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Megan Fox Breaking Up With Her Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

It’s a true stretch, calling anything about Megan Fox “iconic” as People does. But taking away the former “Transformers” and “Jennifer’s Body” starlet’s one most distinguishing physical signature? It certainly does strip her of something that makes her “Her.”

Fox told People that she’s apparently “over” the signature Marilyn Monroe portrait tattoo that’s adorned the actress’ right forearm since she was but a lass of 18, and has been gradually having it stricken from her record.

“You outgrow things that you love when you were a child. I got it when I was 18 and now I’m 25 and it just doesn’t make sense anymore,” Fox said.

The photo above clearly depicts Marilyn’s faded glory about Fox’s immaculate skin after what Fox claims has been a lone laser-removal session.

She adds that with her fair complexion, the ink is coming away far easier than it would were she a tad more bronzed. She estimates that it will take another three or four sessions before Marilyn is but a memory.

“(Laser removal) is a hundred times worse than the tattoo itself,” remarked Fox, echoing more than a few ink aficionado’s post-laser sentiments.

If she takes the pain that badly, here’s hoping Fox had her remaining tattoos done while in a more mature place. There’s still the Shakespearean verse on her shoulder, the text running up both sides of her ribcage and husband Brian Austin Green’s name on her hip. She apparently plans on keeping Marilyn’s former canvas blank, once she’s gone.

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Megan Fox On Broadway: Actress Talks About Stage Fright, Comedy And Her Incredible Handwriting

NEW YORK — Megan Fox has incredible handwriting. She said as much Monday night when a reporter asked her whether she knows how to write with a pen.

“Do I know how to write letters with a pen and paper?” Fox asked. “I do. I actually took calligraphy class in high school and have kind of incredible handwriting.”

Fox collects a number of similarly idiosyncratic interests that align her more with an eccentric old soul than a 25-year-old sex symbol — the list also includes astrology, “Lord of the Rings” trivia, Chinese herbs (she takes them for anxiety), and a preference for marriage over dating (she wed actor Brian Austin Green in 2010), all of which came up in seven minutes of conversation with The Huffington Post and other media during the intermission for “24 Hour Plays,” Fox’s Broadway debut.

Fox is best known for her uneven success in the “Transformers” movie franchise and her frequent gracing of the sexiest-women lists in men’s magazines. Most recently, she channeled Elizabeth Taylor in an ad for Armani cosmetics. Slim but athletic, she was dressed down in jeans, a gray sweater and slouchy boots for her Broadway debut.

Calling “24 Hour Plays” her debut, however, is almost a misnomer. As a one-night-only benefit show, it’s more of a one-off than the launch of a stage career.

“I don’t have the stomach for [the stage]. It takes a very brave, courageous person, and I’m too neurotic,” Fox said. “I wouldn’t survive an entire run of a play.”

But she survived the full 24 hours Monday night at the American Airlines Theater. Unlike some of her fellow actors, who used Absolut vodka to calm their nerves, Fox (who doesn’t drink) stuck to her Chinese herbs. Why was a group of established actors — including Jesse Eisenberg, David Cross, Rosie Perez and Michael K. Williams — so terrified? Consider the show’s premise.

The “24 Hour Plays” — a show sponsored by Montblanc to benefit the Urban Arts Partnership — teams up writers, actors and directors for 24 hours, during which time they have to create six plays, to be performed on Broadway the following night. Twenty-four hours to write, direct, memorize lines and act, all for an audience hoping to see you break character. That is, after all, part of the voyeuristic fun of it — the chance to see big-name Hollywood actors at their most vulnerable.

Fox’s play, “The Maid,” is a surrealist comedy featuring Sarah Silverman and Fox as rabbits, Paul Bettany as a high-maintenance millionaire, Jack McBrayer essentially reprising his role on “30 Rock” (this time as a maid) and Tracy Morgan in a cameo as Tracy Morgan.

Before the show, actors had a chance to express their stage strengths to the writers, and Fox voiced an interest in comedy. “I definitely, for live theater, would prefer doing comedy as opposed to something heavy and dramatic, because I just don’t have the nerves to pull something like that off,” Fox said.

The actors were required to bring a prop with them to the theater, which the writers could integrate into the script. Fox wanted to bring Sting, Frodo’s sword from “Lord of the Rings,” but foresaw trouble at LAX and settled on a Bop It. Her prop didn’t end up in the play, but it did display her sense of humor, which she cites as one of her stronger points: “Everybody that knows me thinks I’m funny.”

Even in the ideal comedic situation, however, Fox’s nerves are more on edge on stage than on a film set. “If you mess up, you sort of mess up everyone else’s experience as well, and you can’t reset,” she said. “It’s frightening.”

What did help was knowing that putting on a play in 24 hours made everyone involved uneasy.

“Everyone is so completely terrified, even the people who have done it several times,” Fox said. “But I was really impressed with how very relaxed Sarah was, and obviously I don’t think Tracy’s ever been nervous in his life.”

As for Fox, her most relaxed moments in life come “when [she’s] not PMSing or ovulating — those two weeks in between.”

Her most unrelaxed?

“I hate doing the red carpets,” she said. “It’s all about what you’re wearing and how you look, and I don’t know anyone who’s super comfortable and confident in doing that. I mean I do know a few people, but it’s not the norm.”

Shortly after Monday night’s carpet — which, counterintuitively, took place following the show — Fox disappeared, while some other actors lingered for the after party. Eisenberg, Perez, Diane Neal and Gabourey Sidibe were seen on the dance floor at B.B. King Blues Club and Grill in Times Square, where the bar served potato chips, the DJ spun tunes from Stevie Wonder (“Sir Duke”) to Jay-Z (“I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)”), and overwrought actors could finally breathe easy.


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Have Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Split?

Megan Fox was recently spotted without her wedding ring. So does this mean that she and Brian Austin Green have split?

Megan has certainly been lying low these days. Instead of becoming the next Angelina Jolie, she’s become just a bit of a joke—after all, she was just supposed to be the pretty face in the Transformers movies, and she couldn’t manage to do that without getting fired. And even though she made out with Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer’s Body, Megan couldn’t turn that horrible horror movie a box office success.

She does seem like she wants to change the way her career is going, however. Megan Fox has stated that she’s actually having her infamous Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed to get rid of negativity in her life, so perhaps she’s also getting rid of Brian Austin Green to do the same.

The actress was photographed in L.A. yesterday without her wedding ring, so maybe she finally has split from the guy that so many other men can’t stand (no one seems to understand how the Beverly Hills 90210 has-been has managed to land a Fox like Megan). She and Brian have taken a break in the past, so it’s always possible.

Or maybe there’s something else going on in the photos.

Kim Kardashian said that she didn’t like to wear her massive engagement ring while working out, something she made sure to let the press know about so that no divorce rumors would get started if she was ever photographed without it. Maybe Megan Fox was actually on her way to the gym or had already been working out—she is dressed extremely casually and comfortably in the photos that show her lack of a wedding ring.

Kim Kardashian might have only taken her engagement ring off while working out, but everyone knows how that turned out—now she’ll never be able to wear her bulky bauble anywhere ever again without looking ridiculous.

Megan has a few upcoming movies, including Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedy The Dictator and Judd Apatow’s This is Forty, so she’ll probably start being seen in the tabloids a lot more once again. And who doesn’t want to see a single Megan partying and hooking up with Hollywood’s hottest guys?

So what do you think, will Megan follow Kim Kardashian as the next celeb to go through a high-profile divorce?


Have Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Split

Megan Fox: Bungalow Babe

Venturing out for a bite to eat, Megan Fox hit up Los Angeles hot spot Larchmont Bungalow for a late lunch on Tuesday afternoon (November 8).

Going ultra-casual while dining on her midday fare, the bare-faced “Transformers” beauty dressed in a blue ball cap, light blue hoodie, gray sweat bottoms and beige fur booties, with her flashy wedding ring bauble notably missing from her ensemble.

In career news, Megan is all set to make her break in Broadway, having recently securing a role in the “Great White Way,” according to CNN.

Scheduled to begin next month, the production is a 24 Hour Plays project – an event held each year in effort to raise money for the Urban Arts Partnership.



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Megan Fox in Great White Way for Charity

Megan Fox knows how to let her mouth get her into trouble. She knows how to wear a corset, if her Jonah Hex exploits are any indicator. She even knows how to make an old fella look loveable, as apparent in Passion Play. I’m winking at you, Mr. Mickey Rourke. But does she know how to sing and dance? Find out what the actress is about to do for the sake of charity.

Megan Fox is all set to make her Broadway debut. The show is called the Great White Way. That’s a nickname for Broadway itself, don’t you know! We caught the usual headline over at CNN.

So, what has the show got to do with charity? Well, the 25-year-old actress has joined the 24 Hour Plays project. It’s a yearly event held to raise moola for the Urban Arts Partnership, a group that ensures arts education is available in public schools. That’s an important cause. Just imagine if you had never taken a theater, music, or art class. The 24 Hour Plays project, this year, will support 24 actors, 6 writers, 6 directors, 2 musician types, along with a snazzy production team. Together they will put on 6 shows.

Megan Fox’s show is coming next month to Broadway and get this, she’ll only have one day to rehearse! That’s worth some donations to charity and that’s where the 24 Hours in 24 Hour Plays comes to play. Good for you, Ms. Fox!



Megan Fox in Great White Way for Charity

Megan Fox Extreme Vegan Diet

Transformers actress Megan Fox has revealed how she spent about a year and a half on an extreme vegan diet, which made her lose a considerable amount of weight. Megan also added that she is no longer on the diet and hasn’t been for the past few months.

Megan still watches what she eats but is a little less strict about it as she hopes to maintain her current weight. Fox explained, “For a year and a half, until about four months ago, I followed a strict vegan diet based on raw fruits and vegetables.”

Megan Fox recently revealed that she does not have a Twitter account and she does not intend to sign up anytime soon. Megan also recently admitted she is getting rid of some of her tattoos her bully button piercing as she feels that she has out grown them.