Megan Fox: Bungalow Babe

Venturing out for a bite to eat, Megan Fox hit up Los Angeles hot spot Larchmont Bungalow for a late lunch on Tuesday afternoon (November 8).

Going ultra-casual while dining on her midday fare, the bare-faced “Transformers” beauty dressed in a blue ball cap, light blue hoodie, gray sweat bottoms and beige fur booties, with her flashy wedding ring bauble notably missing from her ensemble.

In career news, Megan is all set to make her break in Broadway, having recently securing a role in the “Great White Way,” according to CNN.

Scheduled to begin next month, the production is a 24 Hour Plays project – an event held each year in effort to raise money for the Urban Arts Partnership.



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Megan Fox in Great White Way for Charity

Megan Fox knows how to let her mouth get her into trouble. She knows how to wear a corset, if her Jonah Hex exploits are any indicator. She even knows how to make an old fella look loveable, as apparent in Passion Play. I’m winking at you, Mr. Mickey Rourke. But does she know how to sing and dance? Find out what the actress is about to do for the sake of charity.

Megan Fox is all set to make her Broadway debut. The show is called the Great White Way. That’s a nickname for Broadway itself, don’t you know! We caught the usual headline over at CNN.

So, what has the show got to do with charity? Well, the 25-year-old actress has joined the 24 Hour Plays project. It’s a yearly event held to raise moola for the Urban Arts Partnership, a group that ensures arts education is available in public schools. That’s an important cause. Just imagine if you had never taken a theater, music, or art class. The 24 Hour Plays project, this year, will support 24 actors, 6 writers, 6 directors, 2 musician types, along with a snazzy production team. Together they will put on 6 shows.

Megan Fox’s show is coming next month to Broadway and get this, she’ll only have one day to rehearse! That’s worth some donations to charity and that’s where the 24 Hours in 24 Hour Plays comes to play. Good for you, Ms. Fox!



Megan Fox in Great White Way for Charity

Megan Mullally Joins Fox’s ‘Breaking In’ As New Regular As Part Of Creative Revamp

The Breaking In gang is getting a new boss. After a hot pursuit by the producers, Megan Mullally has closed a rich deal to join the Fox comedy as a new regular. Mullally’s character will take over high-tech security firm Contra Security, which had been run by Oz (Christian Slater), who will now have his own boss.

The high-profile cast addition is part of significant creative changes the comedy created by Adam F. Goldberg and Seth Gordon is undergoing heading into Season 2. The “mission of the week” concept where members of the Contra team go out of the office on a different assignment in every episode will be scaled back as Breaking In will segue into a more office-based comedy. Production on Season 2 is slated to begin in early January.

The series, which recently came back from a cancellation for the second time, is expected to be part of Fox’s two-hour midseason comedy block on Tuesday. Sony TV and Happy Madison are producing, with Goldberg, Gordon and Doug Robinson executive producing.

Mullally’s deal for Breaking In will allow her to continue her co-starring gig on Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital and her recurring roles on Parks & Recreation and Happy Endings. On the Fox series, Gersh-repped Mullally joins Slater, Bret Harrison, Alphoso McAuley, Michael Rosenbaum and Odette Annable, who may be in fewer episodes as she is also a regular on Fox’s House.


megan fox

Megan Fox Struts It To Broadway, Wears Sex Shoes Running Errands

Perhaps Megan Fox was trying to divert attention away from her face. The actress was photographed by paparazzi wearing a turtleneck, jeggings, and bright red stiletto high heels.

Too bad the Megan didn’t try to pull this outfit off in London, as British tabloids would have had a field day with it. Megan Fox was reportedly out and about running errands in Hollywood.

Instead of ripping into the 25-year-old actress for buying into what might be the ugliest current fashion trend (jeggings—part jeans, part leggings), the focus was on her bright-red, patent leather Louboutin heels.

Megan, who is scheduled to be a part of the upcoming 24 Hour Plays on Broadway, must had some level of clear thinking when she pulled this outfit together. The focus was clearly on the red shoes, which are clearly as far away from her face as possible.

Imagine all the constant attention her face has got in the ongoing argument about whether Megan Fox uses Botox injections or not. No one bothered to notice if her face looked thin or puffed, all anyone can think of are those smokin’ red high heels… and the unfortunate jeggings.


Megan Fox in Jeggings and Stripper Heels

Megan Fox Set To Make Broadway Debut

Broadway is about to get a little sexier. US Weekly reports that Megan Fox is set to make her Broadway debut this November at an American Airlines Theater in New York City. The actress will hit the stage as a part of the “24 Hour Plays” project, which serves as an annual fundraiser to benefit the Urban Arts Partnership (all proceeds are generously given to a different charity every year). And the title of the project should be taken very literally. Basically, what happens is the cast and crew create and produce six short plays in the span of one day, thus making the entire process happen in just 24 hours. I’m not really sure how something like that can be done, but I’m definitely intrigued. I just wouldn’t expect a fancy set design since there’s really only so much you can do in one day.

But Fox won’t be the only A-list star gracing the great white way in this unique set of plays. According to, Fox will be joined by the likes of Sarah Silverman, Precious star Gabourey Sidibe, Tracy Morgan, and Jesse Eisenberg. The show takes place on November 14 for $250 a seat, which isn’t too bad considering the star quality being brought to the performance. Tickets are available here.

I’m actually really surprised that Fox is choosing to go the Broadway route, especially for this particular project. Having never done Broadway before, you’d think she’d want to be given an adequate amount of time to rehearse instead of just 24 hours. It seems like it would be very nerve-racking for a pro, let alone a first-timer. Do you think Fox can handle the pressure? Let’s just hope she doesn’t compare anyone to Hitler.


Megan Fox Set To Make Broadway Debut

Megan Fox having more Plastic Surgery?

Megan Fox was fired from the last “Transformers,” movie and now it appears she is undergoing more plastic surgery. When will the freak show stop?

Fox, 25, has come under more suspicion for going under the knife to change a face that didn’t need any changing in the first place. Fox looks completely different than when she was photographed this past May.

The following quotes are from experts:

“Megan looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll version of herself. Her cheeks appear plumped, possibly from injections of a filler like Sculptra,” Dr. Tony Youn,  told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “It is possible that she’s still swollen, so within a couple days she might look a lot better. She’s definitely transformed!”

Brooke Barlow, R.N. Aesthetics at the BioMed Spa, in Beverly Hills, who doesn’t treat the star, also told RadarOnline that Fox “definitely has had some work done” – most likely “fat transfer or dermal fillers.”

Why Megan Fox would continue to undergo plastic surgery is beyond me. Perhaps she suffers from the same compulsion that Michale Jackson suffered from. Regardless she is nowhere as beautiful as she used to be.


Megan Fox having more Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox Extreme Vegan Diet

Transformers actress Megan Fox has revealed how she spent about a year and a half on an extreme vegan diet, which made her lose a considerable amount of weight. Megan also added that she is no longer on the diet and hasn’t been for the past few months.

Megan still watches what she eats but is a little less strict about it as she hopes to maintain her current weight. Fox explained, “For a year and a half, until about four months ago, I followed a strict vegan diet based on raw fruits and vegetables.”

Megan Fox recently revealed that she does not have a Twitter account and she does not intend to sign up anytime soon. Megan also recently admitted she is getting rid of some of her tattoos her bully button piercing as she feels that she has out grown them.